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Welcome to  PoloUP blog, the new polo gear brand. We have written this article so you can know more about us and our products!

Polo gear for professionals

PoloUP is a brand born in 2016, and it’s dedicated from the beginning to manufacture  products designed specifically for professional polo players. Our products meet the two main requirements they have: quality and innovation.

polo gloves

This is possible due to our work with the players, who have given us recomendations and have expressed their concerns and needs. With their help, PoloUP have launched its first product line, which includes gloves, pants, riding whips and balls. Those are the basic elements that any polo player needs.

What we want is to continue manufacturing and developing new products that satisfy our costumers needs, as they are our brand main engine.

Polo gear made for professionals

In PoloUp we offer you a product line that has all the basic elements you need before entering the field. All of our products are made so you have the best possible experience using them.

PoloUP polo gloves

Our polo gloves are manufactured with the highest quality leather. You will feel them perfectly fit for your hand, without losing the comfort you need to have absolutely movement freedom and to be able to play without any trouble.

poloup polo gloves

Besides being fit and comfortable, our polo gloves are durable and resistant, what makes them the perfect choice to play polo. You won’t even notice that you are wearing them. You can buy polo gloves online in our store, having the choice of buying the right one or both of them. Sizes go from XS to XXL so anyone can use them.

Other polo products for professionals

In PoloUP we make more than polo gloves. Our polo gear for professionals includes our white polo pants. They are made in cotton and elastane, being comfortable and resistant.

You can also find polo whips and polo balls, with them you will be able to play in a more comfortable way and improve your performance. To carry your mallets, we have the polo mallets bag. Made in high quality water-proof material, you can carry up to 15 mallets and includes interior pockets for accesories.

Now you know us! Try our polo gear made for professionals now, you will love them! If you have any doubt with any of our products, you can contact us!

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